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Dieng Plateau Tour


Dieng Plateau Tour is a tour package that we offer to those who want to travel to Dieng Plateau. This destination is a plateau that lies on an area between Mount  of Sindoro and Mount of Sumbing. Because of that Dieng Plateau is an active volcanic region. Located at the administrative area of Wonosobo and Banjarnegara in Central Java.

Dieng Plateau is the highest plateau in Java. The average elevation is approximately 2,000 m above sea level. Therefore temperatures during the day range from 12-20 ° C and 6-10 ° C at night. During dry season (July to August), temperatures at the region could reach 0 ° C in the morning. It probably brings local frost called  bun upas  ( “dew poison”). Therefore dew poison can cause damage to agricultural crops.

Dieng Plateau Tour

Dieng is about 120 km from Yogyakarta or about 3.5 hours travel by car. This plateau has more than 25 tourist destinations. Some of the famous destinations are Arjuna Temple, Sikidang Crater, Telaga Warna, Telaga Cebong, Gardu Pandang Tieng, Padang Savana, Sunrise Sikunir Dieng and Dieng Volcano Theater.

If we depart from the city of Yogyakarta around 08.00, we will be arrive approximately at 11:30 at Dieng. Sightseeing will be the main tour activity. The route is Telaga Warna – Sikidang Crater – Arjuna Temple. 

If we depart from Kota Yogyakart around 08.00, we will arrive at Dieng approximately at 11:30. The route will be Telaga Warna – Crater Sikidang – Arjuna Temple. Things to see and do in this Sikidang crater: many are selling souvenirs, boiled eggs crater, rental bike, to photograph an owl and horse. Please be careful in this area when the atmosphere suddenly foggy and full of sulfur fumes. Consequently makes us more difficult to see the crater.

Lunch a special menu of Wonosobo will be the next activity, because Dieng is a remote area. Lunch with Mie Ongklok and drink Purwaceng will charge the vitality of our body. We continue toward Telaga Warna area. Telaga Warna is colorful because the lake water mixes with sulfur. The color will be visible when exposed to sunlight. You will visit Dieng Theater as well to see a movie about the circumstances in Dieng and community life.

Dieng Plateau Tour Detail


The basic rate of transport is the price of the Toyota Avanza.

  • Price : IDR 700.000
  • Include : Car Driver Gas
  • Exclude : Entrance Ticket + Parking
  • Participants : 1 – 4 persons
  • Duration : 12 hours


  • 8:00 We pick the hotel / inn.
  • 11:30 – 15:30 Sikidang Crater, Arjuna Temple, Dieng Plateau Theater
  • 19:00 – 20:00 Drive back to Yogyakarta and dinner on the way.
  • 20:00 Finish at the hotel / inn


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